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About Little Lumps - Your One-Stop Online Baby Boutique

Little Lumps online baby boutique started as an answer to a need for quality preemie clothing, a few years short of a decade ago. Over time, our journey has led us in different directions as we started to understand our market and customers a little better. We have since grown to incorporate a full Summer and Winter range of baby clothing, as well as personalised clothing, baby blanks and wholesale baby clothes. We can also proudly say that we’ve become a “go-to” source for moms to be and those shopping for unique baby shower gifts or nursery décor.

Little Lumps Baby Clothing South Africa

Our premium quality baby clothing has set us apart from our competitors, assuring moms and dads of the most gentle fabrics for their delicate baby’s skin. Our range encompasses everything you need for your baby from premature birth all the way up to 18 months old.

Ready to start your shopping spree? Enjoy!